Vendor Invoice Entry - Field Descriptions: Subcontract Fields

Use the field descriptions below for reference when completing the grid portion of the Vendor Invoice Entry screen for subcontract invoices.

If a new subcontract progress billing is being entered, and the Operator Preference setting to "Always offer Subcontract Billing Worksheet print when adding a new sub progress billing?" checkbox is selected, a dialog box displays and asks if you want to print the worksheet for this invoice.

Note: If sub-tier vendors are flagged for hold status, new invoices for subcontracts will be placed on hold by default.



Subcontract current totals (*these fields will not display when a back charge subcontract is selected)

Revised subcontract

The revised contract equals the original contract amount plus the total dollar value of change orders.

Less unapproved

This is the sum of invoice totals currently stored in Invoice Approval for the vendor, displayed as a negative number.

Less unposted

This is the sum of open subcontract invoices and credit memos that have been updated but that are not yet fully paid, displayed as a negative number.

Less invoiced-to-date

This is the total billed to date on the subcontract (among posted invoices) and includes the retention amount.

Total unbilled

This is the net amount, calculated from the above values.