Vendor Invoice Entry - Pre-Paid Details

Use the descriptions in the table below for reference when completing the Pre-Paid Details portion of the Vendor Invoice Entry screen.



Bank account

If the Cash Management module is present, enter the bank account code from which the prepaid invoice was paid.

If account-based security was selected in Cash Management Installation, you will be prohibited from entering a bank account code you do not have authorization for.

Check #

Enter the check number for the prepaid invoice. If the Post 'H' for manual check checkbox on the Accounts Payable Installation > Printing tab is selected, or the Cash Management Bank Account Maintenance checkbox is selected, then the check number will be stored with an 'H' automatically. Field protection assures that the check number entered here is not currently in the unposted VOID check file.

Check date

The G/L date on the invoice displays.

Cash G/L account

Enter the General Ledger cash account from which this check is being written.

Cost Center Information

When the Cash Management is not present, Spectrum allows entry of a G/L account code only if the operator entering the G/L account has permission to assign that code. Spectrum compares the G/L account's list of shared cost centers with cost centers in the operator's assigned cost center scheme, and if there are no common cost centers, then that G/L account cannot be assigned.

Check amount

The invoice amount displays as the check amount. No entry is allowed. Prepaid checks must be payment-in-full.

Print check?

This checkbox displays only if the Print instant manual check checkbox is selected in on the Accounts Payable Installation > Printing tab. Select the checkbox if the check has not already been handwritten and system should print this prepaid check.

Companies that have a dedicated check printer typically use this feature. Once the invoice is completely distributed in the line transaction portion of the screen the check will begin printing immediately. Ensure that checks are loaded into the printer and aligned correctly before continuing.

Remarks button

Click to display the Subcontract Remarks window window if this is a subcontract invoice. The Vendor Remarks window is available by selecting the Vendor button on the Subcontract Remarks window. If this is not a subcontract invoice, the vendor remarks display. The Remarks window for subcontract invoices includes a drill-down link to vendor notes. This window is available in Subcontract File Maintenance, Subcontract Billing Entry, Invoice / Credit Memo Entry, Change Invoice Due Dates, and all screens offering access to Subcontract Maintenance within the Search Subcontracts window.

Click to display the Invoice User-Defined Fields Maintenance screen.