Vendor Pre-Notification Management

Use this screen to produce the 'pre-notification' export data file for vendor electronic payments, and switch authorized vendors from 'Pre-note' to use electronic payment. The screen displays all vendors currently flagged for 'pre-notification'. You can then:

  • Click Authorize to change the vendor's payment method to 'electronic payment' for selected records.

  • Click Export to export the data file (vendors with no 'submit date' or 'all'). The Export Electronic Pre-Notification file window displays.

Pre-notification is only applicable for ACH transfers. Therefore, bank accounts not fully configured for U.S. processing (and all credit card accounts) are disallowed in the Export window. This screen can be used by Canadian AFT payers, but they cannot use the Export feature.

Example of Export Electronic Pre-Notification File window:

The bank account specified in Cash Management defaults, if any.The Include vendors already submitted for pre-notification? option controls whether vendors shown in the list box that have a date shown in the Submitted column will be added to the data file (that is, vendors with no date are always included, but this option allows you to also include ones previously reported).