Item Price Inquiry

The Item Price Inquiry screen displays the price levels, any promotional discounts, the customer's special pricing, if any, and quantity discounts authorized for the customer.

  1. If the Inventory Control module is not present, this window will show information based on setup in Work Order > Material Item File Maintenance.

  2. The associated item description will display in the header, the Lowest Price and Method fields will display in the Item summary section, and price levels will display. Other fields will be blank.

  3. The Method defines how the system arrived at the lowest price, for example, LIST, PROMOTIONAL PRICE, and so forth.

  4. Click the Apply Lowest button to re-calculate the lowest unit price based on the new Effective date. The new unit price will be returned to the entry screen as the new price.

Non-stock Markup Items

  1. If the item code is a non-stock item, three additional required-entry fields will appear in the header: Quantity, Unit of measure and Unit cost. The rest of the fields on this screen will be blank except Site, Effective date, Lowest price, Method, and those in the Non-stock markup section.

  2. Once the unit cost has been entered the details will be re-calculated. The Lowest price value will be equal to the Unit price value. The Method will display "COST MARKUP" if a valid markup code is found and the Effective date is within the date range of the markup code. Otherwise this field will indicate "NONE."