Recurring Invoice Listing / Update

This screen is used to obtain a listing of recurring invoices and the update creates the invoices for a specific date, and may be viewed or changed in Vendor Invoice Entry. Records are also saved to Routing History during the update.

Important: This update should not be run more frequently than once a month.
  • The invoice number will be AUTO####. After this update has created invoices, the A/P Transaction Register must be run and updated.

  • This update will record Work Order, item code and description, site equipment, component, contract and unit billing price information in the new invoice when specified in the Recurring Invoice detail table.

  • If pay-when-paid processing is being used, the Pay-when-paid checkbox will be enabled in Vendor Invoice Entry for job-related transactions originating from Recurring Invoices Entry, but the checkbox will default as unselected.

    Note: This update only includes invoices and credit memos that display on the Recurring Invoice / Credit Memo Report. Also, the fields in the History section of the Vendor Recurring Invoice Entry screen always represent activity based on the last time the Recurring Invoice Update was run, regardless of the processing dates.