Void Check Entry

Use this screen to void checks and credit card transactions that have been processed and updated through the software. This feature allows the reversal of all General Ledger entries associated with the check, and creates an open invoice/credit memo entry in the Accounts Payable system. This invoice may be selected for payment at a later date. When a check is being voided because the vendor should not have been paid, it is appropriate to enter a credit memo transaction entry to reverse the balance due to be paid or use the automatic invoice reversal function.

When entering a check number to be voided, the information, such as vendor code and amount, displays. If this information does not show up, confirm that the check number is correct (including an "H" if it was a manual check). If invoices associated with a check have been purged from vendor history, an open item will be created with the invoice number set to 'check#' + 'void'.