Document Tracking Item Maintenance

The Document Tracking Item Maintenance screen creates the possible tracking items to set up by vendor or subcontract in the Vendor/Subcon Document Tracking screen. Document Tracking Reports includes an exception report, lien release or a check distribution report.

  • The Document Tracking warning message will be available during invoice entry, manual check entry, subcontract billing entry and sub change order log. This window will contain an option to email any warning(s) to the current vendor.

  • The A/P Vendor Invoice Entry screen warns users when document tracking items that have actions #2 (warning) and #3 (hold). Action #4 (no check) specifies that checks will not be selected a vendor or subcontractor, this occurs in the Pre-Payment Register. During A/P Check Print, actions #5 (report) and #6 (lien) will cause a check distribution report and lien release, respectively.

  • The Subcontract Billing Entry, Subcontract Change Orders and Change Request Subcontractor Pricing Entry screens respond to action codes #2 (warning) and #3 (hold).

All tracking items can be printed on the Document Tracking Reports found on the Reports tab in Accounts Payable. From here, you can select reports based on the different types of triggers.

Trigger Types

This feature can also be used to as a checklist to verify that key documents have been received from a vendor/subcontractor. The following are just a few ideas on how you might use triggers in document tracking:

  • Expiration Date - You can use this to track any item that expires at a certain point in time.

  • Yes / No Tracking Type - This tracking type is great when creating a checklist to answer the following types of questions:

    • Have we received the paperwork back from the subcontractor / vendor?

    • Have we performed a credit check on the subcontractor / vendor?

    • Has our internal Risk Management approved use of this subcontractor?

  • Every Payment Type - This tracking type makes something happen every time we cut a check to this subcontractor or vendor. Examples include:

    • Issuing a subcontractor lien release.

    • Reminding your A/P staff to perform some task after the check run.

Trigger Actions

The following explains more about the six actions that can be happen whenever the trigger is activated. Remember that you can use any combination of these actions.


When the action occurs

Print on tracking item exception report

When this report is printed.

Warning message

Message occurs in Invoice Entry, Manual Check Entry, Subcontract Billing Entry and Subcontract Change Orders/Entry.

Put new invoices on hold status

During Invoice Entry and Subcontract Billing Entry.

Don't allow checks to be selected

During check selection and Manual Check Entry.

Print on check distribution action report

During regular check printing.

Print lien release during check printing

During regular check printing.