Document Tracking Item Maintenance - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Tracking item code

Enter a tracking item code. For example, you might enter LR if you are adding a Lien Release code.

Sub-tier vendor tracking?

Select this checkbox if this item code will be subject to sub-tier vendor tracking; a Sub-tier? column on the main screen will display as 'Yes'.

The software will disallow this flag to be switched once the code is set up. This protection is provided to assure that 'sub-tier vendor' tracking item codes are only used with "sub-tier" subcontract document tracking and that Job Compliance Tracking of sub-tier vendors is not compromised.

If this checkbox is selected, Action #6: Print lien release during check printing?, will be disabled.


Enter a description for the code you just entered.

Message text

Enter any comments that you want to include for the current tracking code. Up to 250 characters are allowed.

Trigger basis

Select the trigger condition that you want to apply to the new code.

The Recurring option and interval fields are provided in conjunction with Job Compliance Tracking.

This tracking item makes use of a 'Document interval' (# of weeks or months) between iterations, as defined in the 'Select inverval type' and 'Number of weeks per interval' fields. You can optionally specify the starting date (first document iteration) and ending date. After the initial iteration, the software automatically generates subsequent recurring entries, each with its own 'completion' flag. This functionality is also provided for each sub-tier vendor because different vendors may be responsible for a particular document (such as Certified Payroll Report) at different times during the progression of the job, and each sub-tier vendor may submit a document over a different time period.

Note: When the trigger basis is set to 'Every payment' the Document Tracking Action option to 'Display in Subcontract Kiosk' will be unavailable.


Select the checkboxes corresponding to the actions you want to apply to the current code. For example, if you are adding a Lien Release code, you would want to select the checkbox that reads Print lien release during check printing option.

For each Document Tracking Action, the software determines whether 'open items' exist for the tracking item in context to the subcontract, sub-tier vendors on the subcontract, or the vendor.

If you are unsure which actions you want to select for this tracking item, click the Action Help button to open a window that explains the specifics of each action.

Action Help

Click this button to open the Document Tracking Actions window and review a list of valid action codes and descriptions of when and where these codes are used in Spectrum.