Subcontract User-Defined Fields Maintenance - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




User-defined fields may be Alpha, Date, or Numeric.

  • The Alpha type is used for text fields.

  • The Date type is used if the field will contain numerical dates.

  • The Numeric type is used for fields that contain dollar amounts or numeric figures.


The field title (for example, DUE DATE) displays.


The company code associated with the user-defined field displays.


Amount type fields may include an alignment mask, which will display in this column. When a report is initially created, the software suggests the display code, but the default may be overwritten. If the field length is changed after creating the report, the corresponding display code must also be changed. Appropriate codes are shown here.


Only Alpha type fields may be validated. If the person who set up the codes chose to have the software validate this field, this column will display "Yes."


User-defined fields may be set to Active or Not used. This status assignment can then be used to determine which records display in the list box.



Located on the top of the screen, use this button to access the Subcontract User-Defined Fields Listing screen.

Edit/New/Delete action buttons

Use these action buttons to keep your Spectrum data current. More info

Move up / Move down

Use these buttons to rearrange the order in which the user-defined fields should default. The first two user-defined fields appearing at the top of the window will default for the current company in the Advanced Search Options window.