1099-MISC/NEC Form Maintenance - Cost Center Information

If cost centers are being used, then adding or editing vendors in 1099-MISC/NEC Form Maintenance Spectrum allows the vendor code to be entered only if you have permission to access the vendor.

When adding, changing or deleting a customer 1099, Spectrum compares the customer's list of shared cost centers with cost centers in your assigned cost center scheme, and if there are no common cost centers, then that customer's 1099 cannot be added or accessed.

The main screen will show any and all vendors, regardless of cost center security, but you cannot make any changes to a vendor unless you have permission for that vendor.

If cost center entity tracking is being used, the screen will conditionally display the 1099 record in the list box, based on whether you have authorization for the assigned entity. If no cost center is found in common, the 1099s for that entity code do NOT display. <Blank> entries are assumed to use the 'Main Company Entity.'