Export 1099-MISC/NEC File

Use this screen to export 1099-MISC/NEC forms. Only 1099s that will be filed electronically will display in this screen.

  • In order to determine which file to export, this screen will look for paid amounts or FIT/SIT amounts.

  • All entries must be capitalized per Internal Revenue Service (IRS) specifications.

  • The transmitter is the party preparing the 1099-MISC/NEC file. The contact name is the party the IRS will contact should there be a problem. These may be the same entity.

  • If 'Entity tracking' is enabled in Enterprise Installation, this export will segregate forms by Entity. The Export file will contain the 'entity' name and address, when applicable, in place of the Company Installation information. Whereas the 'payer tax ID number' for the 'main company entity' is entered as the forms are built, the entity-specific 'payer tax ID numbers' are derived from the Entity setup.

    Note: While entering tax ID and address information, punctuation characters should not be included.