1099-MISC/NEC Filing with Nelco

In order to make it easier for users to file 1099-MISC/NEC forms, Viewpoint is partnering with Nelco.

The unique requirements of each state differ, which makes it difficult to track what information is needed. However, Nelco's filing service makes this process painless. The Spectrum interface includes an exported CSV file which can be uploaded to the Nelco site by the user via the new Nelco CSV button on this screen. Users can then choose from a menu of Nelco services, including electronic filing and delivery of forms to employees.
  1. Complete and review the screen selections, paying special attention to the tax year selection.
  2. Click the Nelco CSV button. The Export to Nelco CSV Format information window displays.
  3. Click the hyperlink to learn more about Nelco Solutions, or click Continue if you are already sure you wish to proceed with the export.
  4. A second information window displays letting you know if the export was successful and listing any exceptions (records containing errors) if they exist.
  5. Open the Nelco partner site. If this is your first time here, you'll need to click the Create Account link. Here you'll be prompted to enter your general info (name, address, email, etc.) about your company.
  6. Click the Import Data link and select the 'Federal Information Reporting' Form Type and select the File to Import.
    • Spectrum v14 users: Upload your .CSV file to the Nelco site from your Downloads folder.

    • Spectrum v13 users: Upload your .CSV file to the Nelco site from the file location you designated when the file was created.

  7. Click the Import button.
  8. On the Forms In Progress screen, choose the filing services you wish to use: Federal E-filing, State Filing, Recipient Mail & Online Retrieval. These services can be selected as a bundle or individually.
  9. Make sure all the employees for your companies are selected on this screen and click the Next button to proceed.
  10. If you have selected the 'Recipient Mail & Online Retrieval' service, enter recipient email addresses.
  11. Review the recipients in your cart and click the Next button.
  12. On the Payment Details screen, enter credit card information.
  13. Click the Pay & Submit button to complete processing.