Build T5018 Slip - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Vendor code

From date / Through date

Specify a date range for the records you want to build slips for.

Minimum amount

This field defaults to blank to build all applicable vendors. In the United States, payers can elect to send forms to vendors paid $600 or more. The Canada Revenue Agency offers similar flexibility; the minimum amount in Canada is currently $500 and this applies to each separate T5018 for the given vendor.

Payer tax ID number

This field defaults to the payer tax ID number stored during the last Build T5018 Slips update. If no tax ID number is found, then the tax ID code assigned to the CN or CA tax table in Payroll > Tax Table Maintenance defaults.

This number will be saved for use during the remainder of T5018 processing.