Export T5018 File - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing this screen.




This field only displays if cost centers are being used and entity tracking is also enabled in the current company.

After entering or selecting an Entity, the remaining starting screen fields default. Cost center security is maintained to prevent editing vendors that the operator does not have authorization to access.

If the Entity is left blank, the main company entity is used.


Report ending date

Enter the report ending date. Minimum/maximum date range restrictions do not apply.

Contact Information

Contact name Telephone Telephone extension Contact e-mail

Enter a contact name and additional contact information in case of a problem or error.

Transmitter information

Submission reference

Enter a unique submission number each time the file is generated/re-generated in a given year.

Transmitter number

This number must begin with MM.

Transmitter name (line 1 and 2)

Address (line 1 and 2)

These fields are optional.

City, Province, Postal code

These fields must be completed.


Select the country code.