A/P Cash Requirements Report - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.

This icon lets you know SuperSelect options are available for this field.
Vendor type, JobEnter the vendor type and job number you want to include on this report.
Date 1,2,3

The dates displayed are one, two, and three weeks from the current Accounts Payable processing date. Cash requirements for this milestone date will be listed in a column under these dates on the report.

Press Enter if these dates are acceptable, or enter new dates.

Include link to A/P invoice images
Note: Appears only if you have the Document Imaging module installed and you have the security access to vendor document images.
Select this checkbox to include a link to the Document Imaging image associated with the each invoice that appears on the report; otherwise, leave this checkbox clear.
Report typeSelect to include either items with a payment due or that are discount eligible.
Hold statusSelect to include only items on hold, only items not on hold, or both types of items on the report.
Pay-when-paid status

Select to include only items flagged for pay-when-paid, or not flagged for pay-when-paid, or both types of items on the report.

The report portrays pay-when-paid invoices using a cash requirement date of 'Pay-When-Paid and Beyond'. An asterisk indicates these pay-when-paid terms and the payment due date is blank.

Approval statusSelect to include only open items, only unapproved invoices, or both types of items on the report.
Sort bySort by vendor or by job.
FormatSelect Detail if the cash requirements report should print a separate line for each invoice, or select Detail with remarks to include any notes. Otherwise, select Summary to print only one line per vendor.
Cost group
Note: If you have access to only one cost center, this field doesn't appear.
If cost centers are being used, enter a cost center or cost group or double-click to select from a list of available cost groups/centers. After specifying a cost center or cost group, the report shows only invoices assigned to that cost group/cost center.