Check Register History Report - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



This icon lets you know SuperSelect options are available for this field.

Vendor, Job, Check number, Vendor type

Complete these fields so that your report results best meet your needs.

Bank/credit card

Enter the bank account or credit card number.This field is only available if the Cash Management module is installed.

Note: Spectrum automatically disallows any accounts that are not bank accounts from being entered into this field. In other words, credit card accounts are not permitted in this field.

From / Through check dates

Enter the earliest and latest check dates you want to include on this report. Press Enter to end with the current Accounts Payable processing date.

Include link to A/P invoice images?

Select this checkbox to include a link to the Document Imaging image associated with the each invoice that appears on the report.

Note: This checkbox is available only if you have the Document Imaging module installed and if your operator has the security necessary to access vendor document images.

Sort by

If you select the Check number sort option, data drawn from the Check date, Check number, and Bank account fields will display missing check numbers on the report.

Data drawn from the Vendor, Job number, and Vendor type will not display missing check numbers.


Select Detail to print the check register history in detail, including a separate line for every invoice paid by each check. Otherwise, select Summary to print one line per check summarizing the total amount paid.

Cost group

If cost centers are being used in this company, enter a cost center or cost group. After specifying a cost center or cost group, the report shows only invoices assigned to that cost group/cost center.

Note: If you only have access to one cost center, this field will not display.