Vendor Lien Release Form - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



This icon lets you know SuperSelect options are available for this field.

Recipient type

Select the lien release recipient type you want to include on the report.

Job status

Select the job status you want to include on the report.



This field will be disabled when either the Select exception report or Select distribution report checkboxes are selected.

If an owner name was specified in the Job Main Properties screen, this field will display on the Lien Release Forms for the particular job. If an owner name is not specified, the forms will automatically show the customer name.


Select the vendor you want to produce the lien release for. When the report is accessed from the Vendor Info Bar, this field defaults to the current vendor.

From/to check date

Select a date range for the payments you want to include on the lien release.

Release type

Select the lien release type you want to produce. The software will compile these reports by reading the vendor history tables for job-related payments within the selected 'check date' range.

If the release type is set to 'Conditional on progress payment' or 'Conditional on final payment', then one Lien Release per check is produced.

When printing 'progress payment' lien release forms, a 'subcontract recap' page is provided for each included subcontract. While non-subcontract checks will generate a one-page Lien Release Form for each payment; subcontract checks will generate a two-page document that includes both the selected Form plus the Subcontract Progress Payment Recap page.

Through date

Specify the through date that will be used on the 'Conditional on progress payment' and 'Unconditional on progress payment' formats of this report.

Job Compliance Tracking

If compliance tracking is being used, use this section to specify if you want to log lien releases in the Job Compliance History table and specify a signing due date. This option allows you to to print a 'draft' run of the forms, without generating entries in the Job Cost table.

Monthly report

This section only displays if the Release type is set to Prior format: Monthly Progress Report

Enter a period date range and decide if you want to produce an Expanded version of the report.