Sample Reports Overview

Spectrum offers a wide variety of Accounts Payable reports in both Crystal and standard formats. Click on the button corresponding to the sample report that you want to view.

Sample Reports (Listed in Alphabetical Order)

1099-MISC/NEC File Listing


Sample Reports - A/P Cash Requirements Report

Print A/P Checks - Sample Report

Sample Reports - A/P G/L Distribution Report

Accounts Payable Payment Register - Sample Report

Accounts Payable Credit Card Purchase Register

Accounts Payable Manual Check Register - Sample Report

Accounts Payable Pre-Payment Register - Sample Report

Sample Reports - Accounts Payable Transaction Register

Sample Reports - Aged Payables Report


Check Reconciliation File Listing

Sample Reports - Check Register History Report

Check Reconciliation Purge Report - Sample Report


DBE J/C History Report - Sample Report

Sample Reports - Document Tracking Reports

Detail Approval Performance Report By Job - Sample Report


Manual Credit Card Payment Register

Manual Check Log Listing - Sample Report



Sample Reports - Payments G/L Detail Report

Accounts Payable Pre-Paid Manual Check Register

Accounts Payable Manual Check Register - Sample ReportR

Sample Reports - Print 1099-MISC/NEC Forms

Print T5018 Slips - Sample Report


Recurring Invoice Listing / Update - Sample Report


Sample Reports - Subcontract Change Order Form

Sample Reports - Subcontract Change Order Log Report

Subcontract Detail Change Request Log

Subcontract Billing Worksheet - Sample Report


Trial Balance - Exceptions Only - Sample Report

Trial Balance - All - Sample Report


Sample Reports - Unapproved Invoice Edit List

Sample Reports - Use Tax Report


Vendor 1099 Listing - Sample Report

Vendor Activity Details Report - Sample Report

Purge Vendor History - Cost Center Information

Sample Reports - Vendor Master File Labels

Void Check Register - Sample Report