This screen displays a list of subcontracts pertaining to the current vendor.

Before adding new subcontracts, first enter subcontractor records in the Vendors screen and set up Jobs in the Job File Maintenance screen.

Use the Status link to determine which records display. Double-click one of the records to view more detailed subcontract information. Summary totals for revised contract, total billed, and open commitment amounts display in the upper-right-hand corner of this screen.

Click the New button and assign a subcontract number that will tie a specific vendor to a specific job and G/L account code. When a new subcontract is added using the New button or from within the Search Subcontracts window, every active Contact associated with the specified vendor that is marked to Default as a job contact on contracts / subcontracts? is added to the specified job.

The subcontract management system allows tracking by subcontract of billed amounts, paid amounts, discounts taken, and amounts retained. The original subcontract amounts, along with change orders and revised contract amounts, are also maintained. You may set up multiple phases and billing items per subcontract. This prevents overpayment potential at the phase/billing item level, because the revised contract and billed-to-date amounts are stored by phase.

  • To delete subcontracts, you must have appropriate security permissions.
  • Phase detail is automatically deleted when you delete the subcontract.
  • The system prevents deletion of subcontracts which have any unposted or unapproved invoices assigned or any billed amounts.