Subcontract Open Items

This screen displays a list of open subcontract invoices and credit memos that have been updated but that are not yet fully paid. This screen provides an easy way to check on invoice status and other details, such as the due date, balance due, and whether the invoice is on hold.

  • Use the Status link to choose which types of invoices or billing you'd like to review. If Unapproved invoices are displayed, the current reviewer will also display.

  • Type a partial entry in the Search field or click the New Search button to look up an open item by invoice number or date, and to filter records using status selections. Use the Advanced search options to search by invoice number, invoice date, or invoice status.

  • Use the Switch button at the top of the screen to select a different subcontract .

  • The Total open balance does NOT include open item amounts that have been selected for payment but not yet updated.

  • No entries are allowed in this screen.

Subcontract Open Items - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Find Invoice

If you know the number of the invoice or credit memo you need to look up, click this button and enter the number here in order to call up the invoice or credit memo details.


This button will link to different windows, based on the invoice status of the highlighted record:

  • If the record is Open, click this button to display the Accounts Payable Invoice Inquiry window.

  • If the records is Unapproved, click this button to display Vendor Invoice Entry.

  • If the record is Unposted, click this button to display Vendor Invoice Entry.

  • If the record is a sub billing or sub below-line, click this button to display Subcontract Billing Entry.


Click this button to view any images associated with the subcontract. Image files are viewed in a browser and may be saved in PDF format, as well as other formats. Document Imaging allows any number of documents to be attached to each transaction, and batch scan functionality allows you to scan in a group of documents prior to entering the transactions into the software.


Click this button to return the list display to its original settings.