Subcontract Invoice Entry Type - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Subcontract entry type

Select an option:

  • If Progress billing is selected, the Subcontract Progress Billing Detail window displays (after completing other subwindows). Enter the subcontract invoice details in this window.

  • If Back charge is selected, the phrase "Back charge" will display adjacent to the subcontract number. Back charges are usually credit memos.

Note: 'Back charge' is the more common term for 'below line billing.'

Progress billing #

The next billing number defaults.

If the Subcontract Kiosk module is being used and if a pre-billing record is found for this subcontract,a warning message displays.

Transfer AR to draw request quantities?

This checkbox only displays if a unit price subcontract has been specified.


This field only displays if a unit price subcontract has been specified and the Transfer AR draw request quantities checkbox has been selected. Enter a valid A/R draw request application number for this job and the customer code designated in Job Main Properties.