Subcontract Main Properties - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Header fields


The vendor code entered must already be set up in the vendor file. The vendor's full name will display.

When adding a new subcontract, if Vendor Document Tracking is enabled for the selected vendor, any warning triggers will display in the action window.

Subcontract #

It is recommended that the job number be used as the subcontract number for most vendors.

Job classification

Job #

The job number entered must already be set up in Job Cost | Job File Maintenance.


The system will use the phase code entered here as the default in A/P Vendor Invoice Entry and Change Order Entry.

Note: Data entry is prevented if the phase status is set to Complete, and a warning displays if the status is set to Inactive.

Cost Center Information

If cost centers are being used, Spectrum verifies the operator has authorization for the phase-specific cost center, if any. Spectrum compares the cost center specified in the phase file with cost centers in the operator's assigned cost center scheme, and if the cost center is not present, then that phase may not be edited.

Cost type

The system will use the cost type entered here as the default during invoice entry and change order entry. The default cost type entered here must be a valid cost type for the default phase. A search window is available for viewing valid cost types.

Contract details

Contract type

Enter the type of contract used for this subcontractor's work. For example, electrical, plumbing, roof, etc. This contract type will print on the Subcontract File Listing. (This may be different than the contract type set up with the customer in Job File Maintenance).


Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate vendor insurance certificate option. If No is selected, a warning will be triggered in Vendor Invoice Entry.

Date sent

Enter the date the subcontract was sent, or double-click to select a date from the Date Change window. This date is used in conjunction with the Subcontract Change Order Log.

Date issued

Enter the date the subcontract was issued.


Use this field to enter a contact associated with the subcontract.

Unit price contract?

Select this check box if this subcontract should use unit pricing. Subcontract Phase Details - Unit Price


Comments entered here are printed on the Subcontract File Listing .

Subcontract contacts - displays one row for every contact set up for the current vendor code

Add / Edit

These buttons allow you to Add/Edit contacts if you have permission for New/Edit Subcontract even if you do not have security for New/Edit Vendor.

The Add Contact button opens the Search Contacts window where you can search/select a contact from the list or add a “New” contact within the window. If an existing contact is selected, it is automatically associated with the Vendor and the Job.

Assign to Job button

Select a row that is not currently showing a "Yes" in the Assigned to job column, and then click Save to commit the contact to the job. Conversely, you can unassign a contact from a job by selecting a row that is currently showing "Yes" and clicking this button.

Status button

Select the status type that you want to assign to the current subcontract. The status for the newly-entered subcontracts defaults as Active. The Logon? column indicates whether the contact has a Spectrum logon (and if present, whether it is Active or Inactive). If the status is active, invoice entry is allowed. If the status for this subcontract is inactive, a warning message displays during invoice entry. If the subcontract status is set to complete, a warning message displays and the software prevents entry of invoices for this subcontract.

Logon? column

The Logon? column indicates whether the contact has a Spectrum logon (and if present, whether it is Active or Inactive). Spectrum logons are required for non-Spectrum users to access the Subcontract Kiosk.