Unposted Subcontract Billing Inquiry window

Use this lookup window to view a list of unposted subcontract items (invoices and credit memos) for a specified vendor, job, and subcontract combination. The details that display in this window include the revised contract amount, posted and unposted invoices, the total billed, the unposted invoice and credit memo numbers and their corresponding amounts.



Revised contract

This is the revised subcontract amount from Subcontract File Maintenance.

Posted invoices

This is the billed-to-date amount from Subcontract File Maintenance.

Unposted invoices

  • When this window is opened from the Subcontract Billing screen, the current invoice will not be included in this amount.

  • When this window is opened from elsewhere in Spectrum, this amount includes all invoices in Unapproved Vendor Invoice Entry and Vendor Invoice Entry and Subcontract Billing.

    Note Regarding Unposted Invoices: When adding a new invoice in Vendor Invoice Entry or Unapproved Vendor Invoice Entry, the new item won't appear since it has not been committed yet, but when reviewing an existing invoice, it appears in the listbox and is included in the unposted invoices calculation.

Total billed, including unposted

This is the sum of posted invoices and unposted invoices.


This is the revised contract minus the total billed.