Subcontract Document Tracking

This screen is modeled after the Document Tracking Item Maintenance screen, but only includes tracking items set up for the current subcontract, while excluding vendor-specific items.

  • If Action #2 (warning) is being used, the warning will be available during invoice entry, manual check entry, subcontract billing entry and sub change order log.

  • The Vendor Invoice Entry screen warns users when document tracking items that have Actions #2 (warning) and #3 (hold). Action #4 (no check) specifies that checks will not be selected a vendor or subcontractor, this occurs in the Pre-Payment Register. During A/P Check Print, actions #5 (report) and #6 (lien) will cause a check distribution report and lien release, respectively.

  • When adding or editing a subcontract document tracking item, the fields that display in this window will vary based on several conditions, including whether you are using sub-tier vendor tracking and whether the document tracking item trigger basis is set to 'Recurring' in the Document Tracking Item Maintenance screen.