Adding a New Vendor

You can add a new vendor from the Vendors screen..

  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Payable > Maintenance > > Vendor.
  2. On the Vendors screen, click the New button. The New Vendor window displays.
  3. In the Vendor code field, enter a code that will identify the new vendor throughout Spectrum.
  4. In the Name field, enter the vendor's full name. When you press Enter to exit the Name field, Spectrum automatically populates the Alpha field.
  5. Complete the fields in the Address and Business classificationsections as applicable for the new vendor.

    Optional: Assign any pertinent Attributes.

  6. In the Status section, confirm that the Active option is selected.
  7. Click Save to return to the Vendors screen.
  8. In the Search for field, enter the newly-entered vendor's vendor code and press Enter and then confirm that the new vendor is included on the screen's list box display.