Vendor Payment History

This screen displays a list of payments made to the vendor. Transactions display in check date sequence (newest to oldest), but you can easily customize this view by resorting or moving the columns. An Advanced Search feature provides additional selections that allow you to define the list results.

If ePayments is used, the ePayment disposition, ePayment reference # and ePayment submission date will display in the list box, based on the Import ePayments Return File.

Note for upgrading Spectrum users: This screen combines information from the Payment History tab of the Vendor Detail Inquiry and the Vendor History by Check screens.



Find Invoice

Use this button to conveniently look up a different invoice (or credit memo) when you know the invoice number. You can then use the available links to view the invoice details.

Vendor code

The selected vendor code displays in this field.

Total paid

The total paid amount of all invoices for the selected vendor displays in this field.


Select a record and click this button to display the Accounts Payable Invoice Inquiry - Header screen.


Select a record and click this button to display the Vendor History by Check window window. You will only have access to this window if you have cost center security to the payment cost center.


Click this button to return all the columns in this screen to their original settings.