Vendor Recurring Invoices - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.

Fields / Buttons



Use this filter button to display Active, Inactive, or both record types.


The selected vendor displays in this field.


Use the drop-down menu to select whether the selected line item is for an Invoice or Credit memo.

Note: Credits are entered with positive dollar amounts. The system recognizes credit memos as negative amounts.

Invoice amount

The total invoice dollar amount displays; for example, the amount due for rent, the loan payment amount, or the insurance premium due.


The day of the month that should be used for the invoice date (1-31) displays. This invoice date is used to age the invoice, and is also used for calculating the invoice due date. When the invoice date specified (such as "31") is greater than the number of days in the month, the actual final day of the month is used.


The recurrence frequency displays (Monthly or Quarterly).


If this check box is selected, there is a limit to the frequency of this recurring invoice. If a date restriction has been assigned to the invoice, the recurrence's end date displays with the invoice's information on the Recurring Invoice Listing.


Any invoice remarks will display in this field.


The invoice routing code displays, if applicable.