Vendor Main Properties

The fields in the table below display after you have clicked the New button to create a new vendor, or selected an existing vendor and click the Edit button.

Note about Vendor Workflows

If the Workflow module is installed and active in this company, a workflow menu displays at the top of the info bar to guide you through the process of adding a new vendor. Complete the fields on this screen and click the Next button on the Workflow info bar to move to the next step.

  • The Currently Assigned To You section will show any vendor workflows that are currently open and require further setup. Click the tooltip icon to search current workflow assignments and switch to a different vendor.

  • If the workflow is overdue, the Due by date will be highlighted in red.

  • The Workflow info bar will display a short description of this step and instructions for this screen.

  • Click the tooltip icon to review history and add notes to this workflow.

When the last workflow step is completed, the Vendor status will switch to Active. Incomplete workflows will continue to display on the My Current Workflow Assignments dashboard app until completed.