Vendor Payment Setup - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Vendor code

Enter the desired vendor code.

Switch button

Click this button to quickly switch to a different vendor.

Payment method

Select the payment method you would like to use:

  • Select ePayments to include this vendor in the ePayments export file. The vendor address and account reference must be entered on the Vendor Main Properties screen before selecting this option.

  • If the Cash Management module is not present, only the Print check option is available.

  • Only vendors set up for the payment method identified when the processing group was initiated will be included.

  • Select Comdata if the vendor has a relationship with Comdata, otherwise leave this check box clear. This is for informational use only and does not affect Spectrum's payment processing.

    View the Comdata Processing Guide.

Electronic payment details

When the ‘Electronic payment’ or ‘Print check / Send electronic pre-note' payment method is selected above, the following fields display.

Note: Canada does not support pre-notes.

Account code

Enter the vendors account code for ACH payment.

Account type

Enter the vendor's account type for the ACH payment, or use the drop-down list to select from a list of available account types.

Routing #

Enter the vendor's ABA number for the ACH payment.

Credit card

Credit card issuer?

Select this check box if the selected vendor is issued to pay the credit card bill for purchase of goods and services. Selecting this check box also prevents the user from accidentally trying to pay the credit card with itself. Note: This check box displays only if the Cash Management module is installed.

Account code

Enter the credit card account number associated with this vendor. Entry in this field is required if the Credit card issuer check box on this screen is selected. It is important to use a scheme that will not compromise the actual card numbers in the event that a thief comes into contact with discarded reports.

Viewpoint recommends that you enter the last four, five, or six digits of the account number or use the employee's initials with the last 4 credit card numbers. For example, Credit Card Account BOA1234 with Card Number AEO1234 would protect against fraudulent credit card use.

Note: This field displays only if the Cash Management module is installed.