Vendor Year End Reporting

Vendor Year End Reporting is used to track year end payment reporting to vendors, both in the United States and in Canada. This screen will prompt either for 1099-MISC settings (United States) or for T5018 settings (Canada), based on the ‘Payroll reporting’ country assigned in Payroll Installation - Properties

This screen offers a number of confidential vendor setup options. Generally, the fields on this screen will only be used when a vendor is first set up.

  • Users may enter 1099-MISC/NEC tax information for vendors who will not be receiving 1099 Forms. Simply click Edit and make any necessary changes.

  • If data is present in one of the tax fields (Social security # or Federal tax ID), then the other field is disabled. To enter a value in the other field, simply clear the field currently being used and the other field will become available.

  • Use the Switch button at the top of the screen to select a different vendor.