Recording Credit Card Charges in Vendor Invoice Entry

Complete the following steps to record that a company credit card was used for a purchase. For example, record employee expense reports using this procedure.

  1. Navigate to Accounts Payable > Data Entry > Vendor Invoice Entry.
  2. Complete the Vendor and Invoice # fields.
  3. Press Enter to accept the default account in the A/P G/L account field.
  4. Select the Purchased with credit card checkbox. The credit card liability account displays; no entry is allowed.
  5. If using sub-accounts, complete the Card number field in the Credit card charge section of this screen.
  6. The charge amount displays in the Charge amount field. The information in this field displays so you can verify the amount, as well as determine if the appropriate discount was taken. No entry is allowed in this field.
  7. In the Transaction date field, the G/L date defaults. Press Enter to accept this default or enter a different date as required.
    Note: This date must fall within the minimum and maximum G/L dates for the Accounts Payable module.
  8. Continue to distribute the invoice as you would any other invoice.