Payment Processing FAQs

These are payment processing Frequently Asked Questions.

Why can't I access the 'Hold' checkbox in A/P Payment Selection?

You must have security access to the Change Invoice Due Dates screen to be able to modify the Hold checkbox.

If I have security access to the 'Change Invoice Due Dates' screen, what columns can I modify in A/P Payment Selection?

You can modify the Hold, Due date, and Check stub remarks columns.

How do I view only the invoices that are on hold?

Click the Status button and select the On hold – unable to pay? option.

Why are some numbers displayed in red while others are in black?

The red indicates the number of days past due or past the discount date.

What does the Delete Group button do?

The Delete Group button clears the payment amount of the invoices selected and returns them to Vendor Open Items for future processing. It also removes the processing group.