Axia - Spectrum Setup

  1. Navigate to the Accounts Receivable Installation - Properties screen.

  2. Select the 'Use Axia for online customer payments' checkbox.

  3. Enter your 'Source key' and 'PIN' provided by Axia.

  4. During your setup phase, select the 'Hyperlink accesses Axia test site' checkbox. The link generated will point to Axia's test site and will allow you to verify your setup.

    • The URL will include the CompanyCode and CustomerCode fields--this allows the cash receipts SDX import to be used, via cut & paste from the Axia export, to get the data back into Spectrum. For a cost center company, the URL will also include the invoice cost center. If you are paying from a different cost center, you will need to modify the cost center column on the spreadsheet before importing.

  5. As desired, modify the 'Email hyperlink text string' text.

  6. Click Save before existing the Spectrum tab.