Monthly Procedures

Recommended Procedures:

  • Print the Aged Open Items Report.

  • Run a month-end backup.

Optional Procedures:

  • Process finance charges.

    • Calculate finance charges using the Finance Charge Calculation screen. Review the edit list. Make adjustments as necessary using Finance Charge Entry/Change.

    • Update the finance charges to the Cash Receipts/Adjustment Entry screen using Finance Charge Update.

    • Print the Cash Receipts Journal and update.

  • Print and retain the Sales Tax Report.

  • Print and retain the Sales G/L Distribution Report and the Cash Receipts G/L Distribution Report.

  • Print the Clear Zero Balance and update.

    • Enter the last day of the month for the clear date.

    • This function will remove items with a balance of zero for the month. It will also remove invoices and credits with the same invoice number and amount on the customer's account.

  • Print statements if applicable.