Processing Recurring Invoices

A recurring invoice is a pre-formatted, standardized billing invoice that can be created on an ongoing basis without you having to re-enter all the information every time it needs to be submitted.

The following steps explain how to process recurring invoices.
  1. Click the Update button.
  2. Select Report of items to process and click Print. The Selections window automatically displays.
  3. Complete the G/L date and Batch code fields.
  4. In the Batch frequency field enter the frequency code (for example, M for 'Monthly', Q for Quarterly, Y for 'Yearly', or ALL) and then click Save.
    Tip: You can create coding schemes of up to three alpha-numeric units. For example, assume that you have different monthly recurring invoices for Division 1 and for Division 2. When you create Division 1 recurring invoices, enter MD1 as the batch frequency. Division 2 would then be set up as MD2 and so on.
  5. Review the listing to verify the accuracy.
  6. On the Recurring Invoice Update screen, select Continue and then click OK until you return to the Site Map. The recurring invoices have now been created in Invoice / Credit Memo Entry, which is where you can make changes to the invoices before they are updated to the software.
  7. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Invoice/Credit Memo.
  8. Click the Print button and then the print recurring invoices.
    Note: Recurring invoices that were set up with the Print Status checkbox selected will not have to be printed.
  9. Click Update to continue processing these invoices. It will be necessary for you to print the Sales Journal and update the batch before these items appear on the customer accounts.