Calculate Estimate - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




Enter the number of hours you want the calculation to be based on. If you are making a change to the estimated hours, estimated number of hours to be spent working on this change request.

Rate / hour

The software automatically calculates the rate per hour amount. Press Enter to accept the software default or enter a new rate per hour.


If you change the rate per hour, Spectrum automatically recalculates the amount in the Estimated cost field.

Estimated cost

The estimated cost automatically computes based on the entries in the Hours and Rate / hour fields. For a unit price change request, if the quantity and unit price have already been recorded, then the Estimated cost will default to the product of 'quantity X unit price.'

If you make changes in this field, press the up arrow key to recalculate the amount in the Rate/ hour field.