Cash Receipts Journal - Related Party Processing Info

When processing related party invoices, note how the override G/L codes will default.

  • Cash G/L comes from the Transaction Code.

  • A/R Trade G/L comes from the related party override trade G/L code on the customer.

  • A/R Retention comes from the related party override retention G/L code on the customer.

About Cash Receipts Journal Validation

Spectrum validates the transaction details during this report/update's compilation process. For the date portion of the validation, Spectrum compares the current Accounts Receivable minimum/maximum date range with the individual check/adjustment date. Spectrum also confirms that the G/L account code is valid and available for use. If an error is found during the compilation, the following message displays on the last screen of the report: "G/L account errors have been encountered. All errors must be corrected before proceeding." Additionally, a message displays directly below each disallowed detail line to indicate the specific problem.

During the update, the software runs through one update that posts to both the module's master and history files and to the General Ledger. Error correction entries are not saved by the software if the user cancels before the updated confirmation takes place. If the user corrects all errors and completes the update, the changes will be reflected in the General Ledger log file and the Accounts Receivable history report.

If Spectrum discovers an error, the G/L Error Correction screen automatically displays, allowing you to enter the necessary changes. Once you close the G/L Error Correction screen, Spectrum will recompile the data and apply the corrections; the report will reprint automatically.

Zero-dollar payments do not show up on the report.

If you cancel out of the A/R Cash Receipts Journal Update screen prior to continuing, no error correction changes will be saved in the Accounts Receivable or General Ledger log files.

If the Accounts Receivable Post to G/L checkboxes on the General Ledger are not selected, the software will not perform error validation.