Applying a Miscellaneous Check

The following procedure explains how to record miscellaneous cash transactions.

  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Cash Receipts/Adjustment.
  2. Click the Non-Customer button.
  3. At the Transaction type field, enter the transaction type code.
    Note: The user-defined transaction type codes are set up in Accounts Receivable > Maintenance > Transaction Code File Maintenance .
  4. Complete the Check #, Date, and Amount fields.
  5. In the G/L code field, enter the General Ledger account code that the funds apply to and then complete the remaining fields in the details portion of the screen. Note: This G/L account is the account that will be credited when the transaction is updated.
  6. Click OK until the Cash Receipts / Adjustments Entry screen opens.
  7. On the Cash Receipts / Adjustments Entry screen, click the Update button. The CashReceipts Journal screen displays.
  8. Complete the Customer, From G/L date, and Through G/L date fields.
  9. Click Preview. After you preview the journal, the Cash Receipts Update screen automatically displays.
  10. Select Continue and click OK.