Create a Subcontract Change Order

Start subcontract change orders at the change request level.

  1. From the Site Map, select Accounts Receivable > Contracts > Change Request Log.

  2. Enter the Job number and Customer code, and press Enter. The Change Request Log screen displays all change requests for a specific job and customer.

  3. If this is a new change request, click the New button. When selecting an existing change request, highlight the change request number and click the Edit button. Subcontract changes are entered onto the Costs worksheet grid, eliminating the need to go to a different screen.

  4. Enter the Phase number, subcontract Cost type and appropriate Unit of measure, Quantity, Hours and Estimate amount. Enter the Subcontractor (vendor code) and Subcontract #. When entering a subcontractor and subcontract number that does not exist, you will be prompted to quickly set them up. The subcontract billing item will default in from the subcontract phase detail.

  5. Enter to the Subcontract status. Proposed is the default status but a drop-down option is available to select Executed, Proposed or Rejected. The Sub CO # and dates are only accessible when the status = 'Executed'.

  6. Complete the Change Request Entry screen and click the Save button to save the change request.

To execute a Subcontract Change Order at a later date:

  1. From the Site Map, click Accounts Payable > Subcontracts > Subcontract Change Orders.
  2. Type in the Vendor code and Subcontract # and press Enter. The Subcontract Change Order Log screen displays all change requests for a specific vendor and subcontract number.
  3. Highlight the change request to be executed. In the Status column select 'Executed' and press Enter.
  4. Enter a Sub CO number and press Enter.
  5. The subcontract change request description displays in the Description field, but changes are allowed.
  6. Enter a Sub CO date. This field is required if the status is changed to Executed.
    Important: This dates controls when the subcontract change order is updated to committed costs.
  7. The Sub CR type, Proposal date, Sent date, Due date, and Signed date are optional fields. These dates can be used when printing a Subcontract Change Order Log and Subcontract Change Request Log.