Creating a Revenue-Side Only Change Order

If this is a revenue-side only change order, you may enter this through the Change Order Entry/Log screen without first creating a change request.

  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > > Change Order Entry.
  2. Enter your Job number and Customer code and press Enter.
  3. Enter in a Change order number, or press Enter to have Spectrum assign the next change order number.
  4. Enter the Description of the change order.
  5. Enter the Current status of this change order.
  6. Enter the Origination date. This is the key field used when updating your contract files and the Contract Status Report.
  7. Complete the remaining fields in the header of the change order as appropriate.
  8. Click the Billing tab.
  9. Enter a new Billing item and Description.
  10. Select whether this billing item is Taxable.
  11. Select a GL account and click OK.
  12. Enter any Additional description and a dollar amount for the billing item. The billing item amount will be added to the change request total.
  13. Click Save.