Entering a Cost-Side and Revenue-Side Change Order

If this is a change order that will affect the Job Cost estimates (cost side) and Accounts Receivable contract (revenue side), you must enter it through the Change Request Entry/Log screen as a change request.

The information contained in a change request corresponds to the detail lines for a change order. Change requests will be referenced when creating a change order.
In the change request, include the following:
  • Contractor Pricing – the increase or decrease to the estimate for anticipated costs other than those associated with a subcontract.

  • Subcontractor Pricing – the cost increase or decrease to the estimate and the subcontract. Details will be assigned to one or more subcontract pay items.

  • Revenue – any increase or decrease to the contract. Details will be associated with one or more contract bill items.

  1. At the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Change Requests.
  2. Enter the Job number and Customer code. Status ALL defaults, press Enter. Leave the New status field blank, and press Enter until the detail lines display.
  3. Click the Add button to display the Add Change Request window.
  4. The Cost-reimbursable checkbox displays. If this is a cost-side only change request this box should be clear. If this change request will have a revenue side to the contract and a cost side to the job leave this box selected.
  5. Enter a Change Request Number or press Enter to have Spectrum assign the next change request number. Enter the description of the change request and the current status.
  6. Enter an Origination date or press Enter to accept the software default.
    Note: The Quotation Submitted date and Quotation Approved date are the key fields used when updating your contract files and the contract status report. If these are left blank the software default date will populate this field when you exit this screen. The time extension days are optional.
  7. For increases or decreases to the Job Cost estimates, click the Contractor Pricing button. Enter the Phase number, Cost type, and complete the appropriate fields. Click OK. The cost side of the change request is now complete. Do not enter subcontract changes in this screen.
  8. For increases or decreases to a subcontract click the Subcontractor Pricing button.
  9. Click the Revenue button. The total cost default based on the totals from the Contractor Pricing and Subcontractor Pricing areas. Leave the Profit % field blank and enter the total amount of the revenue change to the A/R contract.
  10. Press Enter until the cursor is in the detail portion of the Change Request Revenue Summary screen.
  11. Enter one or more revenue line items and associate them with existing billing items, or create a new billing item.
  12. Click OK. If the detail lines are in balance with your revenue amount, click OK.
  13. Click OK again and select Continue. No further update option is needed. The change request has been created.