Processing a Lump Sum Change Order On a Unit Price Job

Complete the following steps to process a unit priced job's lump sum change order.

  1. On the Site Map, select Accounts Receivable > Maintenance > Unit of Measure.
  2. Click the New button to enter a new unit of measure.
  3. Enter a Unit of measure code and Description.
  4. Select a Price method and whether this is subject to a Markup.
  5. Repeat until all units of measure are in the software, and click OK until you return to the Site Map.
  6. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry > Change Request.
  7. Complete the Job, Customer, and enter a new Change request # , or press Enter to allow the system to assign the next available number.
  8. Enter a Description, Current status, and Origination date fields.
  9. Click the Costs tab and add any subcontractor costs.
  10. Click Save.
  11. On the Site Map, click Job Cost > Maintenance > Phase.
  12. Enter the Job code.
  13. Click the Begin Editing button to edit existing rows or add new rows.
  14. When all detail lines are complete, click Done Editing and close this screen to return to the Site Map.