Change Request Entry

Use the Change Request Entry screen display change requests for the specified customer and job. Subcontract quotes, cost estimates, and other pricing for multiple subcontractors can be tracked on the same change request, as well as internal costs and markups.

As change requests are added and edited, the current status of each change request is tracked. If a change request is associated with a change order, the change order status will also display in the log. Based on a code assigned by the software, it is possible to recognize revenue and cost revisions throughout Spectrum, and even include change requests on the current draw request billing in advance of an owner change order. If a change request is included on a draw request billing and must later be withdrawn, the ability to reverse the revenue and cost recognition is also provided. Subcontractor tracking is integrated with this screen. When subcontract costs are associated with a change request, costs and quantity are automatically shown in Subcontract Change Order Log in the Accounts Payable module. This allows subcontract numbers to be assigned to change requests generated from the Change Request Entry screen.

Note about Change Request Workflows

If the Workflow module is installed and active in this company, a workflow menu displays at the top of the info bar to guide you through the process of adding a new change request.

  • The Currently Assigned To You section will show any change request workflows that are currently open and require approval. Click the tooltip icon to search current workflow assignments and switch to a different change request.

  • If the workflow is overdue, the Due by date will be highlighted in red.

  • The Workflow info bar will display a short description of this step and instructions for this screen.

  • Click the tooltip icon to review history and add notes to this workflow.

Add change request details and approve or reject the change request to continue with the update. Incomplete workflows will continue to display on the My Current Workflow Assignments dashboard app until completed.

Important: New entries or any changes are not committed until the 'Save' button is clicked. Up until that time, you can click 'Cancel' and all of the entry will be erased. Also, to prevent accidental deletions of project records, if you do not have security to delete in Change Order and Change Request Entry, then the Delete button is not visible.