Using the Create CO Button to Convert a Change Request to a Change Order

To create a change order from a change request with the fewest number of steps, complete the following procedure.

Note: Only users who have security to access change orders can access the Create CO button on the Change Request Entry screen.
  1. On the Change Request Entry screen, complete the Job, Customer, and Status fields.
  2. In the New status field, enter a new default status.
  3. Click the Create CO button.
  4. In the Add Change Requests To A New Change Order window, select the Add checkbox next to each change request to be included in the new change order and then click OK twice. To review the selected change request, click the View button.
  5. In the Add Change Order window's Owner change order number field, enter the new change order number or press Enter to automatically assign the next change order number.
  6. Click the Financials button to review sum of the selected change request(s).
  7. Complete the Description, Date Issued, and Current status fields and then click OK until the Update Changes Confirmation window displays.
  8. Select Continue and then click OK until you return to the Site Map.