Change Request Proposal Form

Use this screen to print a list of change request proposals for the specified job.

If you have set up an email account in Spectrum, the previewed change request proposal can be emailed to recipients from the job's list of contacts. The previewed email and any document images associated with the change request will be attached to the email.

Creating Correspondence Log Records

If the Project Management module is installed and you choose to email the change request, a new correspondence log record will be added to the project log and the new correspondence record will be assigned to the change request as a Related Document.

There are also options to include Related Documents and DI images when previewing a change request. If you have selected the option to 'Save record of outgoing e-mail correspondence' in Project Management Installation, then care should be taken when previewing a change request a second time with its Related Documents and Document Images: for more information, see the example below.


Email Change Request #1 with related RFI #1

Displays as:

  1. Change Request #1

  2. RFI #1

PJ Correspondence 1 is created with DI images of Change Request #1 with related RFI #1.

Displays as:

  1. Correspondence #1

  2. DI Image #1 = Change Request #1

  3. DI Image #2 = RFI #1

Correspondence #1 and Change Request #1 are now Related.

Preview Change Request #1 a second time and include Related Documents and Document Images:

Displays as:

  1. Change Request #1

  2. RFI #1

  3. Correspondence #1

  4. DI Image #1 = Change Request #1

  5. DI Image #2 = RFI #1

Note: Because the DI images display just like their original document it may appear as though they are duplicates. Therefore, it may be desirable to deselect the 'Correspondence #1' record when previewing a second time. Alternatively, you could opt to not include images (and apply this to ALL), or unrelate the Correspondence record.