Change Request Revenue Detail window - Fixed Price

The Change Request Revenue Detail window is used to enter revenue detail information for a selected change request. If the change request is for a unit price job, the Change Request Revenue Detail window - Unit Price will open instead.

Change requests with an action type 1 (Recognize revenue and cost revisions, billing allowed) or 2 (Recognize revenue and cost revisions, billing not allowed) cannot contain blank billing items. If you attempt to enter a blank billing item for a type 1 or 2 change request, the following error displays: Blank billing items are not allowed for action type 1 or 2. If you try to change the change request's status to action type 1 or 2, the software will stop you if the change request contains a blank billing item. Blank billing items are permitted on fixed price job change requests that have an action type 3 (No recognition of revenue or cost, no billing) or 4 (Reverse revenue and cost recognition).

Note: If you are accessing this window from the Edit Change Request window where the change request is associated with an owner change order, entry is not allowed in this window.



Total cost

The total cost of the change request displays.


Enter the profit percentage for this change request.

Revenue amount

Enter the revenue amount for this change request. Once an amount is entered, double-click on this field to calculate the change request profit.


The software automatically assigns a sequential line number to the prices listed.

Billing item

Enter a billing item number. Blank billing items are only permitted on change requests for fixed price jobs that have action type 3 or 4.

The entry of blank billing items is allowed for actions 3 (Recognize cost revisions, no billing), 4 (No recognition of revenue or cost, no billing), or 5 (Reverse revenue and cost recognition). For change requests on fixed price jobs, you can enter a revenue amount and continue without knowing the billing item.


Enter a description of the billing item. This billing item description displays when the change request is transferred to the draw request.


Enter the change request revenue amount for this item.


The balance owed for this billing item displays.