Customer Invoice Entry

Use the Customer Invoice Entry screen to enter invoices and credit memos that are not automatically generated by the software.

A transferred invoice will display its place of origination in the Remarks field. The following system-generated billings will be transferred to this screen: Completed work orders, Time + Materials billings and Draw requests. The information entered on this screen (or transferred to this screen) goes into a transaction file where it is held until the transactions are updated. Up until the time of update, any of the information may be changed or deleted. If a mistake is found after these transactions have been updated, a reversing entry must be made to correct the error.

Important: Invoices generated elsewhere in the Spectrum system invoices are automatically transferred to this screen, thus invoicing performed elsewhere should not be re-entered in this screen.

Online Tax Service Calculations

If you are using the AvaTax online tax service, watch the following video to learn how to set up the AvaTax application to calculate sales tax for draw requests.