A/R Invoice Form

The Invoice Form screen is used to print invoices. If the Must print invoices before posting checkbox on the Accounts Receivable Installation - Properties screen is selected, then the invoice must be printed before the item can be posted. If this company has elected not to print invoices, it is still possible to print an invoice using this selection. If this is the case, select the Reprint only checkbox to print the invoice again, even though this may be the first time the invoice is actually printed.

If the option to 'Use Axia for online customer payments' was selected in AR Installation and the invoice is emailed to a customer, the email will contain a link to Axia's website for online payments if desired.

The report is formatted to optionally include the client company bitmap in the heading portion of each invoice. If you would like to include your company logo on your reports, enter the image file name in the Company Installation - Print Options Tab. Multi-company users can specify the company logo image file that will display on all customer forms that reference this file.

If Multi-Currency processing is being used, the A/R Invoice Form will translate invoices into an alternate currency when the selected invoice has a local currency specified in the invoice header. You can print a mix of invoices with different currencies in the same compilation.