Correcting an Invoice Applied to the Wrong Customer

There are two ways in which to correct an invoice that was recorded using the wrong customer.

If the invoice was not billed to a job contract, then the invoice can simply be reversed and then billed to the correct customer. The procedure below will guide you through this process.

If the invoice was billed to a job contract, then you must first check to see if it was billed through a draw. If the invoice was billed through a draw, then the draw request must be reversed before the invoice can be billed to the correct customer. Once you have reversed the draw request, proceed with procedure below.

  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Receivable > Data Entry Invoice / Credit Memo.
  2. Click the Reverse button.
  3. At the Customer code field, enter the customer code to which the invoice was issued in error.
  4. At the Type field, Invoice will default. Press Enter to accept the default.
  5. At the Invoice # field, enter the invoice number you are reversing.
  6. The invoice’s details, including description and totals, displays at the bottom of the screen. Review the information to ensure you have selected the correct invoice to reverse, and click OK.
  7. The Reverse Invoice window displays, defaulting the current G/L date and batch code. Review this information for accuracy and then select the Create reverse item button. Click OK.
  8. The Sales/Journal Update screen displays with all the invoice information that will be updated. Review the default information, make any necessary changes, and click Preview. Once the report has printed (online or to your printer) click the OK button.
  9. The Sales Journal Update screen displays. Select Continue and then click OK.
  10. Once the software has performed the update, it will return you to the Invoice Memo Entry screen. Proceed to re-enter the invoice using the correct customer.
  11. Once you have entered all of the necessary invoice information, click OK.