Entering Invoices to Clear Vendor History

This procedure is the first step in paying an Accounts Payable invoice with an Accounts Receivable check.

Before issuing such a check, you must first enter an invoice in Accounts Payable to offset the credit stored in the vendor history.
  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Payable > Data Entry Invoice/Credit Memo .
  2. Click the G/L date button to change the date to today's date.
  3. At the Vendor code field, enter the code for the vendor for whom you will issue an A/R check.
  4. At the Invoice # field, enter an invoice number. You may want to use the original invoice number, plus a reference code (for example, 1001REF).
  5. At the Amount field, enter the amount you are offsetting in the vendor history file.
  6. Press Enter repeatedly until the Properties window appears.
  7. Review the information contained in the Properties window, and click OK.
  8. At the Account code field, enter your miscellaneous expense code or suspense code.
  9. At the Amount field, press Enter to accept the amount that displays based on the amount you entered in the Invoice portion of the screen. Click OK.
  10. The Invoice totals window displays. Select the Enter next invoice option, and then click OK.
  11. Click the Update button.
  12. On the A/P Transaction Register screen, select the G/L account option and then click Preview , depending on whether you want to retain a hard copy of the register for your records.
  13. On the A/P Transaction Update screen, select Continue and then click OK.

    The credit balance in the selected vendor's history is now cleared.